Refer a friend and get HK$48 EACH!

Are you a Buyandship member and happy with our service? Tell your friends now and get HK$48 each!

How it works? Go to your account and under “Referral” and you will find a Friend Referral Number or a Friend Referral Link. Share the Friend Referral Number with a friend or share the link on Facebook or a blog post.

As soon as your friend registered as a Buyandship member through your referral number or link, and completed his first order via Buyandship, both of you will automatically gain HK$48 points each on your Buyandship account! These 48 points can be used to ship around 2 pounds for free on your next Buyandship order!***

There is no limit, the more friends you refer, the more points you can earn!

Please remind your friend!

  • If they’re using “Friend Referral Number”, please make sure enter the “Friend Referral Number” during registration process, otherwise you will not be rewarded any bonus points.
  • If they’re using a referral link, your “Friend Referral Number” should automatically show on your friend’s registration page. If it failed to do so, your friend will have to re-enter the 10-digit “Friend Referral Number” manually in order to receive bonus points.
  • Friend Referral Program is only for registered use in the same country or city.

*** Only applicable for US, British, Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese transshipment. The transfer order for China’s transshipment will not be counted.
*** Friend Referral HK$48 valid until August, 3rd 2018.