Receive Credit For Every Pound You Declare!

Latest news! From now on, each declared shipment will receive 1 point rebate per pound automatically. After the completion of the transshipment the points will be added to the member’s account within 7-14 working days, so that everyone can earn more and ship more!

Do you need to provide any information about the shipment?
In fact, you simply declare your order information under “Click here to add a new shipment” and fill in product name, price, tracking number etc. Tick the agreement box and be sure that the company will never disclose any of your personal data to third parties.

Required information for declaration shipment

Simply fill out the required information as in: Product name, Tracking Number, price and product URL(optional). It’s an easy way to earn yourself credit points that you can use for your next order! Receive 1 point for 1 pound, 10 points for 10 pounds and so on! With no upper limit!
However, there is one limit: this offer is only applicable to shipments from the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, excluding China’s transshipment.

Terms of use:

  • The declaration of the product need to be completed before the shipment reaches the overseas warehouse.
  • Users need to retrieve their orders within the specified time period of each redemption location, otherwise no points will be granted.
  • When the transshipment is completed, the credit points will be automatically credited to the participant’s account 14 days after the pickup.
  • You receive 1 point per pound.
  • Orders from China are not included in this offer, the user will not receive credit points.
  • Credit points can not be exchanged in cash.
  • The “Credit Points” received by this event will expire after 90 days.
  • The prices and services provided by BuyandShip will be developed and revised from time to time as needed. If you use “credit points”, you know that you have accepted and agreed to our Terms and Conditions
  • BuyandShip International Online Transshipment reserves the right to formulate and revise this agreement from time to time as required. If there is any change in this agreement and its components, BuyandShip International Online Transshipment will publish an announcement on the website.