EZPZ Happymats: Less Mess, More Fun

Have you ever had your little one completely spill all the food onto the floor? Had to clean up the mess AND recook another meal? Skip the trouble next time by getting yourself some ezpz Happy Mats!

They’re all-in-one silicone placemats that suction to any surface to reduce spills or tipped bowls/plates to avoid food waste.

It’s both a placemat and plate in one and contains the mess your youngling makes during meal time.

Coming in fun and adorable animal shapes, they even feature a bear on one of their mats!

The ezpz’s come in multiple colors and there will definitely be one that your child will absolutely adore! Save the Hassle of cleaning up and get yourself some ezpz Happymats!

SHOP NOW: https://goo.gl/8ntvAq