Buy&Shop: Kurozu 100% Japanese Black Soybean Tea

If you consider yourself a tea-lover and you usually go for Green tea, Pu’er, Oolong tea and so on we have something new to try for you! How about this Danbo Black Bean Tea from Japan with Danbo Black Soybeans? Black bean tea is caffeine-FREE, and is said to prevent grey hair and hair loss, while also helps to reduce fat!

Furthermore their antioxidants helps with signs of anti-aging too! Black beans with their naturally sweet flavor help to promote blood circulation, soothing nerves, and is said to also help whilst recuperating during the first few months after childbirth.

With so many benefits, this black bean tea is for the whole family!
Buy it at a discount: HK$148 for 2 packs, each pack containing 10 teabags.

How to brew:
Simply soak one tea bag in one litre of hot water and enjoy.
In summer, you can also serve as a cold drink, which makes it a refreshing, much healthier alternative to soft drinks!
*Use by: 1st October 2019

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