Gululu Interactive Smart Water Bottle & Health Tracker

Meet Gululu! The interactive water bottle that keeps your kids hydrated at all times.

Gululu helps kids stay healthy and build great habits that last a lifetime by measuring and rewarding proper hydration. It can measure and verify water intake with Gululu’s built-in sensors that are so smart that they can detect whether your child is actually drinking water, or pouring it out.

Develop healthy habits to drink water continuously throughout the day with the help of a virtual pet and reward system to motivate your child. Gululu also allows kids to create a group of friends to hydrate together and to engage in a little friendly “cooperation” to see who can reach their hydration goals.

It’s basically like having a Tamagochi pet in your water bottle! The virtual pets living inside the bottle evolve, grow, and collect rewards as kids interact with them by drinking water. When kids forget to hydrate, their pets lose energy and gently remind them to drink more to reach their hydration goals.

Your Gululu Interactive Bottle is connected to your smartphone through WiFi so you can know if your child is drinking the proper amount of water to be their happiest, healthiest self!
Don’t worry about distractions — set up “School Mode” or “Bedtime” in the app to make the bottle distraction-free.