Buy&Shop: 🕊Tommy Hilfiger Cotton Bath Towel

Are you missing a thick large cotton towel in your bathroom? Normally a high-quality cotton towel would cost at least HKD$100 per piece, either way you may be better off with getting one from a known brand. This fancy cotton towel by Tommy Hilfiger not only has the looks, but it is also super soft, and is extra water absorbent! Plus the soft material makes it nice and slim, and very convenient for storage or take around with you to the beach.

The size of the large bath towel is 27′′ x 52′′. Bring it with you on a summer holiday, to the beach or to the gym! You can choose from 3 colors such as egg yolk yellow, Swedish blue and dark greys. Each set comes in one color.

Get your large bath towel via Buy&Shop for only HK$89(shipping included)! Choose from over 100 pick-up locations. No matter which district you live in, there ought to be a pick-up point located close to you!