Trendy Miniature Pool Floats To Match With Your Lil’ One!

If you thought that summer vacation was going to be all sunshine and rainbows, well, you were right! Big Mouth Inc., the maker of the trendiest pool floats on the internet and all over Instagram, is about to make your tiny toddler’s dreams come true: it is selling for $15 each, dual-chamber pool floats with leg holes for kids up to 45 pounds. That’s right — that pink flamingo float you love lounging in yourself? There’s one for your toddler. The pineapple you like to splay across to catch the best afternoon rays? Mini size.

From glitter unicorns and rainbows to adorable otters and bears with glasses, check out all of Big Mouth’s “Lil’ Floats” you can grab for your toddler in time for their next pool party (and grab a wine bottle float for yourself, while you’re at it!).

New from BigMouth Inc, this Mini Unicorn Pool Float was built for a fairytale summer, your toddler can lounge, lean, float, drift, and be all sorts of unicornish while keeping cool. Even better, its infused with glitter that shimmers in the sunlight, upping your unicorn game to new all-new levels of awesome. It’s a great addition to your pool, lake, or beach vacation.

Shop Giant Unicorn Pool Float for Adults:

Add a sprinkle of fun with the Mini Doughnut Pool Float.
Shop Giant Frosted Donut Pool Float for Adults:

How can we possibly forget about Mr. Pink Flamingo!
Shop Giant Pink Plamingo Float for Adults:

Everyday I’m Pineapplin’~ Pineapples need 20 months before they’re ready. Yours did it in under 10. Get your mini-me this Petite Pineapple Float.
Shop Giant pineapple Float for Adults:

If your kids dream of being mermaids, this Mermaid in Training Pool Float would be the perfect entry level to start!
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This adorable Happy Rainbow Pool Float design features bright colors and fun shapes that appeals to little ones, making pool time even more exciting!
Shop Giant Rainbow Cloud Pool Float for Adults:

The plain old pool float is officially extinct. Our Mini T-Rex Pool Float is a roaring good time with a long tail and itty-bitty T-Rex arms so your wannabe-paleontologist buddies can easily identify you under all that sunscreen.
Shop Giant T-Rex Pool Float for Adults:

Let your Otterly Cute Lil’ Floaty friend give you a hand, stretch out and lay your head on the otter’s head — it’s as cushy as your favorite pair of slippers.

Match up with your little ones and make this summer extra fun!