ALL NEW! Gigantic Beach Blankets For Life

As you know, your spot on the beach is prime real estate, so you’ve got to secure your zone with a beach blanket. The problem with those old beat-up rectangular bath towels you’ve been using is that they aren’t big enough, and they let sand seep up through the weave. Talk about sand-wich! Big Mouth Inc.’s Gigantically Designed Beach Blanket spans at least 5 feet across, it’s impossible to miss on a crowded shore! These beach blankets are soft & tough, and the included storage pouch which makes a great beach tote, too!

You can finally sprawl out on something as soft and smooth as an avocado, and it won’t even get all over your new bathing suit! This Gigantic Avocado Beach Blanket keeps those buns off the sand, and the sand out of that fancy avocado salad you brought.

Bananas are the perfect snack for a day at the beach: they’ve got their own natural wrapper, give you energy, and are healthy for you (yes, banana splits also count as healthy), so as this Gigantic Banana Beach Blanket.

If you think these buns are hot, imagine sitting down in the hot sand in the middle of July! We know you relish a good spot on the beach, and that this Gigantic Hotdog Beach Blanket is the best way to claim it.

You and toast have something in common: you’re both trying to get that toasty tan by basking in the heat. Well, you are what you eat and this is a Gigantic 5-foot wide Buttered Toast Beach Blanket is perfect for stretching out on your own little slice of the shoreline.

If you hate the feeling of sand in your fish fillet, you should upgrade from that raggedy ol’ bath towel from 1991 to this Gigantic Shark Beach Blanket, cause getting sand everywhere BITES.

You’re going to have a tough time enjoying a tropical drink if you’re preoccupied with picking sand out of your teeth. What you need is an upgrade to this Gigantic Tropical Drink Beach Blanket.

The unmistakable Gigantic Popcorn Beach Blanket is the easiest way to keep the sand out of your stuff and your buns off of the hot sand. You can soak up some rays when you’re all buttered up, and get back to livin’ life like a movie.

You know it’s o-fish-ally summertime when you get to roll around in the seaweed. If you’re a sushi lover like me, you’d def go for this Gigantic Sushi Roll Beach Blanket!