4 Thoughtful Small Gifts for your Mum

Mum’s are the hardest person to buy presents for, we want to show her our gratitude and love but nothing ever seems good enough! Here we collected 4 small gifts, in case you need to some inspiration.

A Voluspa Diffuser

Choose one of many amazing scents and your mum can get the benefits of the fragrance without the fear of leaving a candle burn for to long! Plus, whenever she can smell the fragrance, she will think of you!
US$ 20.00, get it HERE

Personalized Glass Coasters

These coasters are very special….because they contain pictures of you and your siblings! Or pictures of her favorite flowers! Or any pictures she might like!
Now your mum will want to welcome even more people to her house to serve them tea with these coasters!
US$ 11.12, get them HERE

A bracelet with your own handwriting!

Whatever message you have to tell your mum, she can wear it around her wrist in your own handwriting! Or take an old letter from another family member and use that handwriting for a very personal bracelet!
HKD 224.51, get it HERE

Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit

Give your mum a little treat an buy her the Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes kit. This natural beauty kit pampers hands and feet, its made with natural ingredients. And each Gift set contains 6 popular trial size Burt’s Bees products! Perfect for trying and travelling!
£9.99, Get it HERE

We hope you like are little selection, and got inspired!