Pack “Out of the Bento Box”

For most mothers, lunch is not just simple food preparation and packing meals for their love ones, they spend their time arranging the meal in aesthetically pleasing way. These lunch boxes are known as “Bento.” Bento is a Japanese word for a meal served in a box.

Bento Boxes are a fun and popular way to serve up fun lunches for kids. Check out these great Bento box options from Amazon to make your children’s lunches a little less boring!

Help celebrate the era of 8-bit video games, vinyl LP cover art and instant cameras with Mustard & Co.’s Retro Bento Box. A compact tin shaped just like a retro camera. Use it to keep anything in but perfect for cherished photographs.

Most people love rock and roll and those who don’t probably like rolls anyway. Turn up the volume at lunchtime with this great Lunch Box Amplifier.

It’s time to take your lunch to the next level with the Gamebox Bento – our game inspired lunch box that will keep your lunch nice and safe while you save the world, or chase up Alan about that project file – either way, your lunch will be nice and safe.

Your little one will want to catch all their favorite food monsters with this fun and functional Pokeball shaped Bento.

Don’t forget to pack your Poke’ Bentos into your Pokeball Lunch Bag too!

What about these cute Mini Mayo/Ketchup Condiment Containers that are shaped like a chick, panda, or a pig!

Channel your inner Ninjas with this two-tiered Ninja Bento Set with soup bowl from Kotobuki, adding both style and affordable practicality to your life, enabling you to pack a healthy lunch from home.
Checkout Kotobuki’s entire Bento Box collection HERE.