LAUT – POP iPhone Case Collection

What better way to express your own personality than to customizing your own iPhone cases. With over 800 new designs to choose from, our products are created to integrate into everyone’s lifestyle seamlessly while safeguarding their tech. LAUT’s products are lively yet elegant – just like all of us.

Treat yourself to some flowers – you deserve it!
Made using embroidery, each POP Bouquet is meticulously crafted onto faux leather and finally fixed to a durable hard back case. A semi-soft 360° frame makes it super easy to take your phone in and out of the case.

3 words that can empower you! For action speaks louder than words: Love yourself before you love someone else! You will not be able to stop touching the soft heart fabric!

There’s no such thing as too much glitter!
Hypnotize your friends and bystanders with the highly reflective glitter-fall, which reacts with the slightest movement. For those days, where your mood is your priority!

Make a bold statement with Laut’s Marble colleciton, as if your iPhone is carved from a solid block of Marble; HUEX Elements take some of the most aesthetically pleasing natural textures, and puts them right on your phone.

*LAST DAY!! Find the hidden US$1 Cases. Happy Hunting!