Members Transfer Program: HK$70 Give Away for New Members!

I believe a lot of you may have experienced technical difficulties with other shipping companies including problems like unresponsive CS, no one’s picking up calls, or delayed follow-up procedures for missing parcels, yet you still chose to keep using their services just cause all your shipping info has been saved in the system and you’re too lazy to switch companies or because there are no better deals going on.

Well now is your chance! To encourage new members to join BuyandShip, we’ve come up with a “Members Transfer Program” where newly registered members who can also prove they have been using other shipping services beforehand will be eligible to redeem a HK$70 cash reward (can be used as HK$70 for your next shipping fee)

To Qualify:

1)Enter Promo Code: transfer201803 on BuyandShip registration page when you sign up as new member.(Code valid only within promotion period)
2)Fill in the form with your BuyandShip member ID AND your previous member ID from the other shipping company (Please use Gmail Account)
3)Upload proof of service use(any overseas shipment receipts from previous shipping service company between the period of 23rd February 2017 – 23rd February 2018, excluding China shipments)

Promotion Period:23rd March 2018 12:00pm noon until 29th March 2018 12:00pm noon.

Once we’ve verified that you’ve completed all the above steps, we will immediately grant you 50 points + 20 extra points for signing up as our new member, which means you’ll have a total of 70 points to use as your next shipping fee!
Each BuyandShip member ID is only limited to single participation, and is not allowed to use in conjunction with our ‘Friend Referral Program’.

Promotion Terms & Condition:

1)Points will be added to your member’s account within 7-10 working days.
2)Each BuynadShip member ID & other Shipping Service ID can only be submitted once.
3)Need to show proof of overseas shipment receipts from previous shipping service company, or else points will not be rewarded.
4)Proof of using other shipping services between the period of 23rd February 2017 – 23rd February 2018.
5)Use of other shipping services exclude China shipments.
6)Proof of other shipping services only limited to US, UK, JP, KR, and Taiwan shipments.
7)Only applicable for new members who register within the promotion period.
8)Not applicable to existing members
9)Please do not re-submit, else you may be disqualified.
10)Make sure you entered the correct promo code: transfer201803 at BuyandShip’s registration page.
11)All information has to be submitted through the provided form, we do not accept otherwise.
12)If you are having difficulties with Gmail, please send your information to, Subject: “Members Transfer Program
13)Reward Points will expire on 31st May 2018.
14)Once data is submitted, it cannot be modified.
15)Points rewards may not be transferred, resold, replaced, returned, exchanged for cash or other benefits.
16)Participants understand and are willing to comply with the terms and conditions of the event.
17)If there are any promotional disputes, BuyandShip retains the final decision