5 Cruelty-Free Trending Skincare Brands!

From all the overflowing choices of skincare and beauty brands, we love that the trend is leaning towards cruelty-free.

Cruelty-free means, that the products have definitly not been tested on animals and mostly don’t contain any animal product either (vegan). But don’t worry, they are still super safe to use! The brands we listed below are super popular, are loved and used by many beauty bloggers and a therefore have a cult following, and carry products that are suitable for sensitive skin too!

1. Drunk Elephant

Not only is this super-brand cruelty-free, it also claims to be free of any nasties such as silicone, perfume, sensitizing colorants, chemical screens, sulfates, drying alcohol, essential oils. If this isn’t convincing enough surely the pretty packaging is! Shop Drunk elephant on the US website and ship it to our B&S US warehouse.
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2. Ole Henriksen

This celebrity skincare line will give you that glow from within. And many beauty bloggers have already jumped on that Ole bandwagon! The product philosophy consists of exfoliation, treatment and soothing, which originated in Ole’s Beverly Hills spa, to bring incredible, transformative results to his clients. To address every customers skin concerns his product contain powerful actives, natural botanicals and essential fatty acids.
Under ‘Ole’s recipes’ you can even learn how to mix and match your ole products, to achieve the best results for your skin.

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3. Paula’s Choice

Paula’s Choice Skincare is the result when the best-selling beauty author and consumer advocate Paula Begoun decided to develop her own products in 1995. She made it her personal mission to find the most suitable product for every skin type and skin concern.
Paula’s Choice products are fragrance free and the stable packaging is another design element of the brand. It keeps antioxidants and other light- and air-sensitive ingredients from fading.

Paula’s Choice has it’s own Hong Kong Website:
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4. Kypris beauty

Firm in their belief that ageing is a privilege, Kypris’s products reflect the brand’s ethos; pure, sustainable and efficacious, this is a beauty brand with soul, supported by science. They have an amazing range of all-natural, wild-crafted, sustainable serums, elixirs and oils which lead to them gain a cult following among the beauty world.

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5. Liz Earle

High performance, quality and safe ingredients are Liz Earle’s priority. They claim to be responsible about their sourcing, never test on animals, offer vegetarian friendly products, only mineral sunscreens and the positive list goes on. Their philosophy also says that radiant skin is a mix of a healthy lifestyle and the products that your skin needs. Among the beauty world Liz Earle plays an increasing role and you almost can’t find a beauty bloggers cabinet without one of her products.

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Hope you liked our little introduction about popular cruelty-free skincare brands!
Anyone who wants to read further into this topic can do so on this website: Cruelty Free Kitty