Bookworm’s Paradise

You know you’re a bookworm when your idea of an outdoor activity is reading a book outside. Yet often times we find book hunting a luxury in Hong Kong. On average, a book can cost at least HKD$100+, while in other countries say Taiwan, the same book may only cost HKD$70. One easy solution for that is to purchase your books online!

Take for example, they are one of the leading online bookstores in Taiwan that carries millions of books at great prices, you can even find reviews and comments from previous buyers for each book.

But even though provides shipping service straight to HK & Macau, the shipping fee may probably cost more than the actual book itself. Unless you’re planning to purchase 8 books all at once (equal to HK$16 shipping per book), only buying 1-2 books will cost you 210NTD (HK$56) at the very least.

Don’t fret just yet, we’re here to help. Why not make use of our Taiwan warehouse and have us ship the books back to you for only HK$12 per pound!

Starting surfing on HERE:

Is this your first time using our BuyandShip service? Here are a few things you should know:

A unified base rate will be charged for overseas shipment from our USA, UK, Japan, Korea warehouses: Kwai Fong/Lai Chi Kok Redemption Centre HK$22/lb, other Pick-up locations/Lockers HK$24/lb, Taiwan shipments HK$12/lb. With a few easy steps your parcel will be delivered to you in no time:
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