Save Some Space in Your Make-up Bag!

You know the drill. We’ve been going on and on and all over our website about how we cannot really transport your liquid products on our service right now.

But we want you to know that we are damn well trying to overcome this little obstacle, and also offering you new ways of using products that are liquid products. One such item is this Melting Lip Powder from CLE Cosmetics out of Korea.

Comes in 8 shades ranging from corals, pinks, nudes and browns, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will find a shade that fits you perfectly, no matter your skin colour. Best of all, not only does it function as a lipstick, you are able to also double this baby up as a cheek tint or even eyeshadow! How’s that for a all-in-1 product. Not only will you be able to save more money from not needing to buy multiple separate products, but also this will have you save space in that cute little bag you got! Best thing of all, it is enriched with moisturizing Vitamin E!

Shipping is free within the US with purchases above USD$50 (that’s the price of 2 lippies and then some), so sign up with us now, and get access to our warehouse in US – and we’ll ship it back to you for as low as HK$22/lb (Just don’t purchase any liquid products with this as we might not be able to ship it to you.)