Guess What? Taiwan is Joining the Family!

Hooray! We are super excited to announce a new addition to our overseas warehouse addresses, this time it’s gonna be TAIWAN!! 🎉 You can find our Taiwan warehouse address here:

Delivery fees vary by pick-up Location:
BuyandShip Redemption Centre – HK$12 per pound
E-Link Redemption Centre & Lockers – HK$18 per pound
Other pick-up methods – HK$24-HK$48 per pound
Click for Pricing Scheme

Taiwan shipments will be sent out twice every week, Tuesday and Friday. Parcels will arrive Hong Kong Warehouse within 2 to 4 days after shipment has been “Checked Out” of the warehouse.

Thank you for all your love and support for making all this possible, and we hope that as our services slowly expand, we are able to serve you a better future.