You Buy, We Ship – Easy Peasy!

Don’t you agree that one of the most amazing inventions on earth would be the INTERNET? Nowadays, life without the Internet for most people is like taking away a piece of their organ, while 99.9% of the ladies would see Online Shopping as a necessity in their lives.

One big reason why online shopping is so popular is because consumers can get all the products we lust for or need and getting it is just as easy as a click of a button.

But of course, everything comes with a catch.

Your shopping still has to travel the miles to get to you, and these miles can be quite $$$..

So, what will your next step be? Cause even if you get the best deal off Amazon, or make use of a promo code by Victoria’s Secret, shipping from these sites straight back to your hometown will probably cost either the same as your item, or even more? Plus free shipping often applies to domestic shipping only…dang it.

Unless you’re willing to pay ridiculously expensive shipping fee or abandon cart if you’re okay with not having the products you been choosing for the past hour, BUYANDSHIP IS HERE TO HELP!

That is if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable 3rd party shipping service that can help consolidate all your orders from around the world as well as providing an unpacking service, and making sure you are spending less on shipping by giving your accurate actual weight shipping rates.

It’s not just access to US online brand stores honey, think bigger!

It is access to your favorite online stores around major countries including UK, Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong as well! Basically, we’re delivering the world to your doorstep.

Here’s another good reason to get your started: As a welcome gift, we’re giving away 20 rewards points to all new members.
*Each point = HK$1. So essentially, we are giving away HK$20 for you to spend on your next shipping fee!

Head over to to register now, good luck with all the crazy shopping!