2018 Reward Program

Stepping into a new year, starting January 10th 2018, 11:59pm, BuyandShip’s Reward Program will be adjusted as follows:

Top Up HK$1,000 – HK$2,499, get 4% rebate points
Top Up HK$2,5000 – HK$4,999, get 8% rebate points
Top Up HK$5,000 – HK$7,999, get 12% rebate points
Top Up HK$8,000 or more, get 16% rebate points

Example: If your top up amount is HK$2,500, will immediately receive a total of 2,700 rebate points to use for your next purchase.
*Each point is equivalent to HK$1, and it can be used for deducting your next shipping fee*

2018 Reward Program: http://bit.ly/2itHsL8

Today’s your final chance to save more using our current rewards program so you better hurry!!