BuyandShip Shipping Perks and Pricing

Thanksgiving and Black Friday is just around the corner, are you guys ready for another year of crazy sale yet?

At BuyandShip we guarantee shipping fees will stay the same, a unified base rate of HK$24 per pound will be charged for overseas shipment from our warehouses and pick up points.

We provide 2 shipment methods for our customers:
-Single Shipment: Delivery fee is based on the total chargeable weight on the arrival of the parcel to Hong Kong.
-Bulk Shipment: Packages can be stored in our Hong Kong warehouse for 14 days for consolidation at your own will. Delivery Fee will be calculated based on the overall chargeable weight of the bulk.
*Attention: If you want to pick up your parcel at one of our redemption lockers, 7-eleven locations, or third party redemption centres, please remember to tick the ‘bulk shipment’ option through online declaration.

Smartest way to save? Go for Bulk Shipment!

Ex. If you have 2 parcels each shipping from US and Japan, both weighing 1.3lbs,
Single Shipment: 1.3lbs (=2lbs) + 1.3lbs (=2lbs) = 4lbs in total
Bulk Shipment: 1.3lbs + 1.3lbs = 3lbs in total
In this case, by bulk shipping you can at least save a pound of shipping fee! (HK$24 per pound)