2016 US Black Friday Online Shopping Strategy Guide


Every year now, the US begins to enter the festive season of Thanksgiving and as Americans come together to celebrate with family and reunions. For Hong Kong residents, we are entering a time for the ultimate buying spree, as we can enjoy the vast discounts that comes along with the Holidays. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are just around the corner, as the 2nd largest shopping weekend of the year, we look forward to see many online discount campaigns. All the large and even small US brands will have tons of discounts, for nearly two weeks.

Here are our tips on how to survive this upcoming Black Friday, and come out a winner!

1. Learn about ThanksGiving / Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday for sale time and offers

    . Thanksgiving – November 24, 2016

      The fourth Thursday of November each year is designated Thanksgiving, November 24, US time. Thanksgiving sales is a prelude on most of the sites for discounts on fashion jewelry, footwear, children’s wear, toys, personal care, sporting goods, and electronics. The majority of online shops will begin a Pre-Sale, for fear of products being sold out.
    . Black Friday – November 25, 2016

      November 25, Same range of products from Thanksgiving continue the discounts, but the discount will be slightly higher and many “One Day Deal”, “24 Hours Flash Sale” will popup, these deals will be the best of the season.
    . Cyber ​​Monday – November 28, 2016

      US time on November 28, the main product categories discounted are electronic products, such as computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, audio, game equipment.
      Also pay attention to the East Coast and the West Coast time difference of three hours, and so we can shop twice, that is, equivalent to Hong Kong on November 25 at 1pm and 4 pm.

2. Preparing a shopping list

Products move quickly and most items become sold out, if you are not fast enough, there you can try this trick You can pre-prepare a shopping list, the product page bookmark or join the sites Wish Lis. Then right when the price changes, you can directly add the product to the shopping cart, thus speeding up the buying process.
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3. Understand the payment method

Some US sites do not accept overseas credit cards, popular brand Samsonite or footwear brand Toms as an example, only to accept Paypal as a payment method. In order to avoid missing the discount, you can apply in advance a Paypal Account.

4. Prices on multiple websites

Footwear, FootAction, Shoebuy, etc. or to large-scale integrated Web sites such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. are the best alternatives to purchasing footwear rather than the official sites. So keep in mind all the alternatives as sometimes they have more favorable discount than the official website.

5. Apply for TopCashBack members to enjoy the shopping rebate

Topcashback is a large-scale shopping recommender rebate program. In short, you use their links to go shopping, shopping site will kick back some commission to Topcashback, and then Topcashback will sub-commission some portion back to you. The rebate can be directly transferred to your PayPal account or replaced by Amazon Gift Card, so you can enjoy some more additional discounts. Topcashback’s ha slinked to popular online stores include Amazon, GNC, eBay, Disney Store, Ralph Lauren and so on.

6. Know whether the shop supports overseas shipping

Most US websites do not support delivery to Hong Kong, such as Amazon, Walmart, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, Carter’s, Dyson and more. Preregistration to BuyandShip global forwarding service, helps you obtain an overseas address so that can transfer your goods from the US to Hong Kong. We can also help you consolidate your orders online so you will not have to receive multiple shipments.

The United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and South Korea, have a uniform charge of $ 24 per pound, a few simple steps to transport products to Hong Kong:
. Transfer process: https://www.buyandship.today/en/tutorial/
. Re-charges: https://www.buyandship.today/en/pricing/
. 9 self-redemption centers and 20 self-collection boxes: https://www.buyandship.today/en/redemption-centres/

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