Buyandship x DROP

Buyandship Drop 網購獨家聯乘產品!

美國 Start-Up 公司 — Drop 於 2012 年成立,自行研發及設計,產品既獨特又創新,好多創新嘅電子產品都可以喺 Drop 官網入手,包括電競鍵盤、音響設備、手錶、攝影器材等,而且價格仲極具競爭力,唔少定價仲係低於市價。

Drop 同好多國際品牌包括 Sennheiser、Fostex、Noble Kaiser、Naked&Famous、Granite Gear、Moshi、Olympus、LAMY、Mondaine 等聯乘推出限量產品,就好似 Drop X Sennheiser 耳機,喺本地絕對買唔到!

大多數 Drop 產品都會免美國本土運費,Buyandship 更聯同 Drop 推出獨家優惠,經以下連結註冊成為 Drop 會員:首單即減 US$10 (限首次註冊 Drop 會員)!只要以 Buyandship 轉運就可以安坐家中以優惠價格網購到限量版產品喇!

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Ask a group of backpackers how they pack their bags and you’ll receive a wide variety of answers. While each person has their own personal preference, there are some general rules of thumb that serve well, especially for novices just learning the art. Packed well, your load should feel balanced and stable, with little sway as you stand.

JUN 29, 2019

Announcing Our First Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are known for their convenience—it’s great not to have that cable hanging around—but in the past, they haven’t been able to hold a candle to wired headphones when it comes to sound quality.

We’re looking to change all that with our next project, our first foray into Bluetooth headphones. Taking advantage of advancements in Bluetooth technology and battery design, we’re aiming for the best of both worlds: an audiophile sound in a wireless package.

APR 29, 2019

Brand Spotlight: Massdrop x Sennheiser

We at Massdrop have a special relationship with Sennheiser. They’re a company who believes in delivering the highest quality products to the Audiophile Community, and we’re always listening to the needs and ideas of our members so in this it’s a perfect match.

APR 24, 2019