Prohibited Articles Catalog

Special Prohibited Items Exported from Japan


Category I to Category III Drugs

All Category I, II and III Drugs (such as eye drops, analgesic ointment, anti-inflammatory creams and other proprietary medicines), yeast containing enzymes, powdered milk and alcoholic flammable materials


With shark, aloe, cactus ingredients

All items containing shark, aloe or cactus ingredients

Frozen Products

Products that need to be frozen or will get deteriorated


Any types of tickets


Cash, Cash Coupons, Gift Vouchers


Prepaid SIM


Letter & any objects wrapped in an envelope


All free magazines

Special Prohibited Items exported from China


CD, DVD and other content with the media

Such as CDs, tapes, videotapes etc.

Radio transceiver

All radio equipment

Any medicine, valuable medicine

Including traditional Chinese medicine and health products

Fresh meat, Perishable Items

Such as honey, eggs, wine, sugar, food, such as chilled beef, frozen beef, chilled pork, frozen pork, chilled chicken, frozen chicken

Liquid (regardless of the type of packaging used)

Such as wine, skin moisturizer, eyeliner, sunscreen, contact lens care solution, eye drops, physiological saline, mosquito liquid, gold plating solution, aluminum paste, fluorescent sticks, mercury thermometer

Violates the China Customs Intellectual Property Protection Laws

Such as counterfeit, forged brand-name goods

Rare minerals

Such as copper, aluminum and other 47 kinds of primary minerals

Sensitive or Unable to disassemble

Such as the core of electrical appliances, electronic equipment, unknown particles etc.

Prohibited Items for all warehouses


1. Food that contains meat or other rotting ingredients

Any seafood, animal, eggs, plants, cooked or uncooked meat and related-products: such as meat paste, minced meat or meat pie that can be served as food, food and dairy products that deteriorate in room temperature


2. Bones, debris, fur and fossils

All kinds of animal bones and their organs or parts of the human body, human or animal embryos, incinerated or excavated human remains and fossils; whole fur, wool; Into the items


3. Fertilizers and soil

Such as urea, ammonium nitrate, superphosphate and ammonia etc. A variety of soil and a variety of components cannot distinguish the powder


4. Cigarette & Wine

Cigarette & Wine


5. Refrigerated food or fresh fruits and vegetables

Corrosive food, food or beverages that require refrigeration or other environmental conditions, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.


6. Prescription drugs, poisons and psychiatric drugs

All kinds of prescription drugs and potent poison. Such as thallium, cyanide, arsenic, etc .; all kinds of narcotic drugs: opium, morphine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, ephedrine and other addictive narcotics


7. Toxic and contagious substances

Toxic and infectious substances, such as poisons, toxic bacteria / viruses / parasites / parasites / fungi; anthrax, dangerous pathogens, medical wastes and hazardous wastes


8. Radioactive materials

Radioactive substances: such as uranium, cobalt, radium, etc.; oxidants and organic peroxides: such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium peroxide, potassium nitrate, chromium trioxide, etc.


9. Real guns, guns and related accessories

Guns, ammunition guns, toy guns, fireguns, bullets, cartridge cases, any accessories for air-soft guns and guns, and any equipment for military, combat (or similar purposes)


10. Real guns, guns and related accessories

All kinds of restricted knives, bolt (except for tableware category)


11. Flammables

Flammable solids, natural substances and substances that release flammable gases when in contact with water: such as activated carbon, titanium powder, castor products, rubber debris, safety matches, phosphorus, sulfur, nitrocellulose, metal powder


12. Explosives

Explosives, such as explosives, fireworks, detonators, fire, etc. All items that may explode during transport


13. Gas, compressed gas, pressure tank

Such as compressed air, dry ice, fire extinguishers, gas cylinders, inflatable spheres, lifesaving devices, explosive airbags, aerosols, gas lighters, gas cylinders, light bulbs, etc.


14. Flammable liquids

Perfume, rubbing alcohol, essence oil, camphor oil, turpentine, water, glue, etc. All combustible and flammable liquids.

Test-tubes isolated on white

15. Corrosive substances

All kinds of substances that will trigger damaging chemical reactions with in contact with the human body, other goods, logistic vehicles, etc


16. Lottery and cash

Lottery, gambling equipment, coins and stamps for coins, counterfeit currency and securities, and items equivalent to money (coins, cash, currency, paper money and marketable securities)


17. Magnets

All kinds of magnets and objects with a strong magnetic field. It will affect the aircraft signal, will not pass security


18. Battery

Electronic components, stand-alone delivery of batteries, separate batches of dry batteries and lithium batteries, will not pass security


19. Molded Parcels

Molded parcels producing usual smell


20. Others

Other goods prohibited by law from import or export, any dangerous goods under other provisions of prohibited goods in the air, or goods which may cause delay in carriage