Dyson V6 Motorhead 翻新機只售 US$160



Dyson 一直都多人買,都唔洗點介紹。今次 ebay 係 Labor 有個好抵既折扣,Dyson V6 Motorhead 翻新機只係賣 US$160,即係 HK$1200 左右就有一部,運費大概需要 $260 左右。

咁咩係翻新機呢?賣家咁解釋「Guaranteed mechanically perfect, but may or may not have minor cosmetic blemishes due to the extra handling. These have been remanufactured according to Dyson’s rigid standards by Dyson. Most of these units were returned for box damage」,大家可以平衡一下風險先決定買唔買。

記得入 code 「C20LABORDAY」折左先係 $160

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